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Deli Sliced Bacon & Cheese Roll (per 1/2 lb.)
New -40 %
Our Bacon & Cheese Roll is a delightful meat for sandwiches and charcuterie boards! Add some of our Homemade Pickles and deli sliced cheese and you have an amazing feast! This delicious meat is made locally in a gluten free facility, and is 100% gluten free!..
$4.45 $2.67
Deli Sliced Ham Kielbasa (per 1/2 lb.)
New -40 %
Our Ham Kielbasa is made by Earlidale Meats in a gluten free facility. This deli meat is 100 % gluten free, and is delicious addition on sandwiches or charcuterie boards! Served with our Baby Dill Pickles, and Fresh cut Swiss cheese, this is sure to please!..
$4.45 $2.67
Deli Sliced Honey Garlic Roll (per 1/2 lb.)
New -40 %
Our Honey Garlic Roll is like a bologna, with a hint of sweetness and garlic! Pair this meat with some fresh cut Cheddar cheese, Homemade Pickled Asparagus, and some of our Homemade Bread! This will make an amazing lunch! Our Honey Garlic Roll is made locally by Earlidale Meats, is 100 % glute..
$4.08 $2.45
Deli Sliced Pizza Roll (per 1/2 lb.)
New -40 %
Our Pizza Roll is processed locally, by Earlidale Meats. This meat has an amazing flavor for sandwiches or charcuterie boards, is gluten free, as well has made in a gluten free facility. ..
$4.25 $2.55
Fresh Cut Danish Esrom Cheese
-25 %
Esrom is a porous cheese, with many small holes throughout, and is slightly elastic and buttery in texture. Commonly used as a table or melting cheese, it is also good in casseroles or sandwiches and is similar to Havarti or Saint Paulin. It's taste is like a Mild Limburger, but full of flavor! ..
$12.15 $9.15
Fresh Cut Regular Havarti (per 1/2 lb.)
-15 %
Taste the difference of Fresh Cut Cheese! Our Regular Havarti (made from 100% Canadian milk) matches classically well with sugary fruits like figs, raisins, walnuts, or hearty, rustic bread.  Melt into an omelet or fondue, or create a rich, melt-in-your-mouth gourmet grilled cheese. When using on yo..
$6.77 $5.78
Fresh Cut Ribbon Cheese Slices (per lb.)
-24 %
Taste the difference of Fresh Cut Cheese! 1 pound is a stack of 30 sandwich size slices. These Cheese Slices are staggered and on a stack for easy use. No extra wrapping or tissues to deal with...the slices peel apart! These are quick and easy to use in sandwiches. Made from processed cheese, the..
$12.24 $9.25
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