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Canadian Back Bacon (per 1/2 lb.)
-15 %
Our Canadian Back Bacon is made local... from Finest Sausage and Meat, and is a premium product that your whole family will enjoy.This is what Finest Sausage has to say... "Being that this type of bacon represents Canada, it is our job to make sure it tastes delicious. Canadian Back Bacon from Fines..
$5.55 $4.73
Chocolate and Yogurt Covered Pretzels
-20 %
Approx. 1 1/4  lb. bag. Priced per pound. Chocolate & Yogurt Covered Pretzels are mixed in one bag. Pretzels like these have been used in snack bags at Mennonite weddings. At a Mennonite wedding, after the ceremony and the reception, the bride and groom often times will greet each gues..
$6.85 $5.48
Fresh Cut Balderson Medium Cheddar Cheese
-13 %
Balderson Medium Cheddar.  Price per pound.Aged: 6 months.Taste: Similar to Mild but slightly firmer in texture and slightly stronger in cheddar taste.Usage: Ideal for snacking, lighter foods like omelets, sandwiches and nachos. Excellent with pears and apples. ..
$6.30 $5.50
Fresh Cut Canadian Spiced Gouda  (lactose free) (per 1/2 lb.)
-13 %
Taste the difference of Fresh Cut Cheese! Spiced Gouda is a semi soft Dutch yellow cheese with a rich nutty texture. Flavoured with a hint of spice that blends with the cheese to give a delicate smooth flavour. Our Canadian Spiced Gouda is lactose free and full of flavor!A popular cheese to serve on..
$7.85 $6.85
Oat Bran
-20 %
Approx. 2 lb. bagOat Bran is healthy fiber in any diet.Use in baking, or sprinkle on top of your morning cereal. Oat Bran is delicious, versatile, and easy to add to your diet.  ..
$3.35 $2.68
Pumpkin Seeds
-20 %
Price per pound. Available in 1 lb size. Raw pumpkin seeds are healthy, and nutritious to add to your trail mix. These are raw, and therefore have not been roasted or salted. Add pumpkin seeds to your baking...bread, muffins, squares or cookies for added nutrition...
$7.85 $6.28
Ranch Popcorn Seasoning  (Gluten Free)
New -20 %
150 g. This popcorn Seasoning is hand batched locally by Earlidale Meats. Shake generously onto warm popcorn, toss and serve. Stir into sour cream or mayo for a delicious dip or dressing. ..
$5.85 $4.68
Steel Cut Oats
-20 %
Approx. 4 lb. bagSteel cut Oats are one of the healthiest  cereals you can eat! We will share a recipe here, for either microwave or stovetop:MICROWAVE 1 – 1 cup serving½ cup Steel Cut Oats2 cups waterDash of saltMicrowave for 18 – 20 minsWatch so it doesn’t boil overMake in a deep casserole dish ST..
$5.50 $4.40
Weavers White Popping Corn
-20 %
Price per pound. Available in 4.5 lb, 10 lb & 50 lb sizes.Our White Hulless popcorn kernels are the most tender - the true " melt in your mouth " type of popcorn. This popping corn pops great, and is full of flavour! Enjoy popcorn with some of our seasonings, for a healthy snack a..
$8.40 $6.72
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