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Price per pound. Available in 1 lb size.Bakers Semi Sweet Chocolate. For your convenience, this premium baking bar breaks into squares for simple portioning. One portion = 1 oz. Baker's chocolate is used for baking, and is made with high-quality ingredients to deliver rich flavours. Melt fo..
Approx. 1 1/4  lb. bag. Priced per pound. Chocolate & Yogurt Covered Pretzels are mixed in one bag. Pretzels like these have been used in snack bags at Mennonite weddings. At a Mennonite wedding, after the ceremony and the reception, the bride and groom often times will greet each gues..
Approx. 1 lb. bags. Priced per pound. Dark and milk chocolate coconut macaroons are for the lovers of chocolate and coconut, all in one bag! You get an assortment of dark and milk chocolate to indulge in! ..
Approx. 1 lb bags. Price per pound. Prices subject to change. Dark chocolate covered almonds are a wonderful way to treat your self, and generally contains less sugar than milk chocolate. ..
Approx. 1 lb. bag Price per pound. Price is subject to change. Dark chocolate covered peanuts. Peanuts covered with a thick chocolate coating, are hard to pass by! We like mixing the dark and milk covered peanuts for variety. Or add these to your favourite trail mix for added flavour! ..
Chocolate it’s best! Available in 500 mL or 1L sizes.$2.00 bottle deposit Our Golden Guernsey milk and cream is produced on a local family farm, by 60 registered milking Guernsey cows. Fresh from the farm, this milk arrives weekly, in the old fashioned glass bottles. Taste ..
Dark Chocolate Cashew Buttercrunch. Available in 100g, 200g & 375g sizes.Excellent dark chocolate with a layer of brittle in the middle! This candy is popular in gift giving, or just as a unique treat for yourself! Fraktals is Belgian chocolate cashew buttercrunch. Handmade in Aurora, ..
Milk Chocolate Cashew Buttercrunch . Available in the following sizes: 100g, 200g & 375g.Fraktals is Belgian chocolate cashew buttercrunch.  Handmade in Aurora, Ontario.Try a bite of Fraktals and you’ll know why we say, “A little too much is just enough.”..
Price per pound. Available in 1.25 lb size. Baking success is easy with HERSHEY'S  Milk Chocolate Chips. They are rich, smooth, creamy and melt perfectly every time.They are your complete baking partner, gluten free, and absolutely delicious for chocolate chip cookies. ..
Price may change without notice. Our homemade chocolate cream pies are made with pie pastry that is made from scratch., and with our own home cooked pie filling.Chocolate cream pie is everyone favourite... treat yourself or your family, they will love it!   ..
8 oz. and 1 lb. packages. Anytime is Coffee Time! Our Chocolate Butter Crunch Baden Coffee is locally roasted, already ground and ready to brew! Milk chocolate and nutty toffee flavors makes this one a perennial must sip.  Treat yourself with this rich tasting coffee!  ..
8 oz. and 1 lb. packages. Anytime is coffee time! Our German Chocolate Cake Baden Coffee is locally roasted and already ground and ready to brew! Is there a better flavour on the planet? Perhaps... but German Chocolate Cake is pretty close. oh so tasty! ..
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