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The high-quality products that Kitchen Kuttings Inc. is known for are now available for your next event. Fresh-cut cheese and cheese balls are just some of the delights that we can prepare for your next function. We will work alongside you to make a fresh, delicious platter for your upcoming party.&..
Frozen homemade lasagna are available in small and large sizes. All you need to do is heat and serve.Our small size is enough for 4-6 people, where the large size is for a family ... equivalent to a 9x13 pan.Our Homemade Lasagna is made from scratch, with ground beef from locally raised beef. &..
Dough enough for a 9 inch pie shell and top, this is ideal for those of you who enjoy rolling out your own pie! Great tasting Homemade dough, this is a sure pleaser! ..
Pillsbury Tart Shells These 2 inch shells are ideal to make your own Homemade Treats! Bite size, these are great to use as dessert shells or mini quiche...
Our Pillsbury Tart Shells are unsweetened, and can therefore be used for quiche or sweets. If you feel like baking, make your own Butter Tarts! These frozen shells are ready to fill, and bake! ..
Our Homemade 3 Cheese Baked Macaroni is made from scratch, using Cheddar cheese, Swiss cheese, and Parmesan Cheese. Available in small and large sizes. Our small size is enough for 4-6 people, where the large size is for a family ... equivalent to a 9x13 pan.These dishes are frozen... just heat  and..
Approx. 1 lb. container Priced per pound. Our homemade cheddar and dill macaroni salad is excellent served in so many ways!  Try serving macaroni salad with grilled chicken, baked pork chops, baby back ribs or baked chicken breasts. Great to serve at family gatherings, work parti..
Serves 4 - 6 peopleOur Homemade Cherry Cheesecake (unbaked) is bursting with flavor, and is made in house. Made with a graham crust, cream cheese, and cherries on top, this is sure to please!  ..
Homemade Cream Pies are always delicious! All of our pies are made in house! Try a Chocolate Cream Pie, with a hint of peanut good! ..
We make our own Dutch Apple Pie right in our kitchen! Top it off with some vanilla ice cream to treat your family and friends! ..
Elderberry Pie is made from an old fashioned recipe passed down from generation to generation. The taste is much like a combination of blueberry and grape. Elderberry bushes grew in the wild, and we remember going by horse and buggy to fence rows in farmers fields to pick them. In more recent yea..
Small serves 4 - 6 peopleLarge serves 10 - 12 peopleChicken in Lasagna has a very unique flavor, and is absolutely delicious served with Caesar salad on the side! Any Lasagna makes a good meal anytime! ..
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