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Taste the difference of Fresh Cut Havarti! Smooth and buttery texture with a mild yet satisfyingly full flavour. Using the original Danish recipe and traditional craftsmanship, Arla® Jalapeño Havarti is the all natural choice made with 100% milk produced in Canada! It is fl..
185 - 200 g. Our Feta Cheese comes in a vac packed block, or packed in brine. Either way, Feta Cheese is delicious served in salads, pizza, casseroles, or so much more! Our Feta is made from 100% Canadian milk! ..
Our Ham Kolbassa made by Finest Sausage and Meats in Kitchener, is Gluten Free, and contains no MSG. Enjoy Kolbassa on crackers with some cheese, or serve on a charcuterie board with our Homemade Pickles, Pickled Corn, and of course our own cheese ball! ..
Shredded in approx 1/4 lb. container Grated, in approx. 1/3 lb. container Block is approx. 1/2 lb. Check out your recipes to use Parmesan! It has great taste in salads or casseroles! ..
Check out our Cafe Menu of the week! The Sandwich of the week is now being served from Monday - Saturday! New! Breakfast Sandwiches are served all day!  Nancy, Lydia, Shirley and Elmeda & Staff. ..
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