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Homemade Relish

16  Oz. Buttery Popcorn Topping. Pour over the popcorn after its popped, and enjoy some butter popcorn! ..
13.5 Oz. caramel glaze for popcorn. Put this caramel glaze into the oil, when popping popcorn. It gives the popcorn a nice caramel flavor without the extra work of making caramel corn...
Approx. 1/2 lb. bags. Priced per pound. This seasoning is good to use in a vegetable dip and serve with fresh vegetables or use it as a popcorn seasoning. ..
Approx 1 lb. bag. Priced per pound.Shake cheddar cheese powder over popcorn or potato chips for a tasty snack or sprinkle it over soup for enhanced flavor. Ingredients: 1/4 cup of butter or margarine, 1/4 cup of milk, 2 tbsp of cheddar cheese powder...
Available in 125 ml. 250 ml. 500 ml. & 1 L.Original flagship signature mustard. Kellsons Canadian Maple Mustard is a delightful milder style maple-inspired mustard, cold condiment and dipping sauce. This mustard is bursting with flavour, and made with local maple syrup!Gluten free. No ..
500 mL.Homemade chow chow is made local, by friends of ours, and bursts with a mixture of fresh vegetables chopped, and mixed into one relish! Use on hot dogs or hamburgers instead of sweet relish. Serve on a side dish with meat and potatoes. ..
500 mL. Homemade corn tomato salsa is made local by friends of ours, and is very delicious mixing with sour cream and using as a dip for pretzels or crackers. Other options are mixing with mayo or ketchup; use as a dip for french fries. Stir into scrambled eggs or add to omelets and frittatas f..
500 mL.Try mixing our locally made homemade fruit relish with sour cream and using as a dip for pretzels or crackers, or with our tortilla chips from local Barrie’s Asparagus. Fruit relish has a hint of sweetness with the addition of chopped peaches and pears. Other options are mixing wit..
500 mL.Locally grown and packed by friends of ours, this relish is unique in its own way! Homemade green tomato chow is great served  with tacos, chili, beans and rice, pot roast, grilled or broiled chicken, pork, or fish, sausage, or serve it  with tortilla chips as a stand alone salsa, w..
500 mL.Homemade hot tomato salsa is slightly hot, and might be “just the ticket” for those of you who enjoy hot food. Try mixing sour cream with this salsa to use as a dip for pretzels or crackers. What about salsa with chips and any kinds of cheeses and meats on a  charcuterie..
500 mL.Homemade mango chutney is packed locally, and contains mangos, vinegar, sugar, raisins, currants, salt, spices, dry mustard and corn starch. It has the  a mustard sauce, instead of tomato sauce like the tomato chutney, but can be used in similar ways. Try serving with meat, such as chick..
500 mL.Homemade mother’s favourite is made locally, and is an excellent addition on roast beef! Beets, cabbage, and horseradish mixed into one relish...full of flavor but milder than pure horseradish alone. Use on hot dogs or hamburgers instead of sweet relish. Serve on a side dish with m..
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