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Dough enough for a 9 inch pie shell and top, this is ideal for those of you who enjoy rolling out your own pie! Great tasting Homemade dough, this is a sure pleaser! ..
Pillsbury brand, these shells are unsweetened, and can be used for quiche, or mini pies. From sweet to savory, these pie doughs are exceptionally useful for a multitude of dishes. Create small, fruit filled pies with beautifully layered lattice crusts, or as a base for pumpkin or lemon meringue pie..
Pillsbury Tart Shells These 2 inch shells are ideal to make your own Homemade Treats! Bite size, these are great to use as dessert shells or mini quiche...
Our Pillsbury Tart Shells are unsweetened, and can therefore be used for quiche or sweets. If you feel like baking, make your own Butter Tarts! These frozen shells are ready to fill, and bake! ..
9 inch pie shell Baking your own pies just got easier! Or how about making your own quiche? It's so simple for an open faced pie, or we also have the pie dough lids to cover the pie! ..
Frozen Pie Tops are an easy way to cover your pies! This top fits a 9 inch pie shell, ideal for meat pies, vegetable pies, fruit pies, or mince pies! ..
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