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Garlic Bologna Deli Meat (per 1/2 lb.)

Garlic Bologna Deli Meat (per 1/2 lb.)

Garlic Bologna...a real good meat to come home to!  This is what Finest Sausage and Meats has to say about their meat! 

"At Finest Sausage and Meat we have a knack for making deli meats that people really enjoy. Garlic Lyoner is another example of a deli meat that does just that. More commonly known as garlic bologna, this very popular luncheon meat has created a place for itself within the deli meat world. Our Garlic Bologna uses a blend of beef and pork with subtle hints of mild white pepper and fresh garlic to make this delicious product a real favorite with children.

Our Garlic Bologna is a wonderful tasting luncheon meat that can be served on a sandwich or as part of a deli tray. Make no mistake, our Garlic Bologna is as successful with children as it is with adults. As one of our most popular deli meats this luncheon meat is definitely worth your attention."

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  • Model: Garlic Bologna Deli Meat (per 1/2 lb.)

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