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Basket #4 "Delicacy Delights"

Basket #4 "Delicacy Delights"
This basket is bursting with local flavors and is sure to please any family! Gift giving is made easy! Contains: Wellesley Sparkling Sweet Apple Cider, Phlippens Smoked Sauce, Maple Pepper Salsa, Red Pepper Jelly, 500 g. Local Unpasteurized Honey, Homemade 500 g. Garlic Dills, Homemade 500 g. Icicle Pickles, 250 g. Local Honey & Ginger Honey, 250 ml Kellson's Whole Grain Mild Mustard, 65 ml Homemade Peach Jam, 65 ml Homemade Black Currant Jam, 65 ml Homemade Crab Apple Jelly, 65 ml Homemade Wild Blueberry Jam, 3 Blacksmith & Bean Chocolates, and 2 Local Maple Leaf Sugars.

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